dynamicgraph::sot::TaskAbstract Class Reference

Hierarchical element of the stack of tasks. More...

#include <sot/core/task-abstract.hh>

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dynamicgraph::Entity noncopyable dynamicgraph::sot::Constraint dynamicgraph::sot::Task dynamicgraph::sot::TaskConti dynamicgraph::sot::TaskPD dynamicgraph::sot::TaskUnilateral

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class  MemoryTaskAbstract

Public Member Functions

 TaskAbstract (const std::string &n)
virtual void commandLine (const std::string &cmdLine, std::istringstream &cmdArgs, std::ostream &os)

Public Attributes

< VectorMultiBound, int > 
< ml::Matrix, int > 

Protected Member Functions

void taskRegistration (void)

Detailed Description

Hierarchical element of the stack of tasks.

A task computes a value and a Jacobian as output signals. Once stacked into a solver, the solver will compute the control vector that makes the task values converge toward zero in the order defined by the priority levels.

Task diagram: Task types derive from TaskAbstract. The value and Jacobian of a Task are computed from the features that are stored in the task.

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virtual void dynamicgraph::sot::TaskAbstract::commandLine ( const std::string &  cmdLine,
std::istringstream &  cmdArgs,
std::ostream &  os 
) [virtual]

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